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plan for preparedness


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Plan For Preparedness:

Basic Personal and Family Emergency Preparedness

A guide to fundamental emergency preparedness centered around organized and comprehensive planning, with checklists and worksheets to guide you through the process. 

Being prepared means knowing what to do in response to an emergency situation. It is having supplies and skills to keep yourself and your family safe, healthy and thriving. It means having a plan.


This book takes you through a 10 step approach to basic preparedness in a way that fits your situation. Once completed, you will have a solid foundation of preparedness plans and equipment necessary to respond, endure and recover from any emergency situation or disaster event.


Whether you are just getting started with emergency preparedness and have no idea where to begin, or seeking a refresher on fundamentals to evaluate your current preparedness plan, this guide is a useful tool regardless of your level of experience

In addition to information and instructions this guide contains: checklists, worksheets, templates and exercises.


STEP 1: Emergency Binder
1. Family Emergency Plan
2. Household Information
3. Communications Plan
4. Important Documents and Items
5. Getting Home Plan
6. Shelter-In-Home Actions
7. Evacuation / Bug Out Plan
8. Evacuation Checklist
STEP 2: First Aid Kit
STEP 3: Everyday Carry
STEP 4: Bug Out / Get Home Bag
STEP 5: Car Kit
STEP 6: 72-Hour Home Kit and Supplies
STEP 7: Communications
STEP 8: Essential Weapons and Ammo
STEP 9: Load-Out Gear
STEP 10: Tools and Equipment
Reference Guides and Books

About TheBook


Throughout the book there are worksheets to fill out with your personal and family information and specific plans. Below are template forms that can be downloaded and filled out.

STEP 1.2 Household Information

STEP 1.3 Communications Plan

STEP 1.8 Evacuation


Here are some calculators for determining your food and water storage needs

Calorie Requirement Calculator

Water Requirement Calculator

1.2 Household Info
1.3 Comms Plan
1.8 Evacuation

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Keith Pipkin is a US Air Force veteran, father of two, Mechanical Engineer and Eagle Scout. Living in Colorado, he enjoys the outdoors and camping with his family. 


Passionate about Emergency Preparedness since 2011. He leads a community preparedness group and actively trains in security and self defense. 

What started as a desire to prepare himself and his family for emergency situations has been assembled and shared for others to better their preparedness. 

Author Bio
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